Hi, I’m very pleased that I found this forum and I hope I’m posting in the right place.

My mum is 64 and has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She has has debilitating OCD all her life and hasn’t taken care of herself physically so she is frail anyway (undiagnosed anorexia we think). Now she is really struggling physically and my Dad is taking care of her.
However, my Dad has stage 4 prostate cancer and although he is in remission, he is going to deteriorate if I can’t help him.
I live 400 miles away and my circumstances make it difficult for me to provide even short term care.

She has an appointment with a Parkinsons assessor in May but until then my Dad is her Carer and I am very worried that his condition will deteriorate by then. She wakes him up to adjust her legs in bed at least 20 times a night as she says they feel heavy and uncomfortable, so he gets no sleep. She is able to walk and adjust her position on a chair or a bed during the day though.

They can’t afford any respite care and although not well off, do not meet the criteria for financial assistance.

I wonder if anyone can offer any advice for my Dad. His GP has managed to expedite the appointment for my Mum due to him having cancer but if they have to wait till May, I believe he will get ill again.

Any advice is so appreciated.
Thank you

Hi Laura does your mum have a Parkinson’s nurse? she should be able to access one check with your gp, s surgery failing that try the helpline number as they will point you in the right direction a Parkinson’s nurse will be invaluable to her hope this is of some help to you take care

Hi Laura,

A very warm welcome to the forum! We’re sorry to hear that things are so tough at the moment but we wanted to let you know that we’re here for you and your family. We have a friendly helpline team who can offer Parkinson’s support and advice, including Parkinson’s nurses. You can contact them via telephone 0808 800 0303 or email [email protected].

Best Wishes
Tom A, Parkinson’s Moderation Team

Thank you Pete and Tom. I will see whether she has a Parkinsons nurse.
Best wishes