Hello all,

I am not that new to Parkinsons (I was diagnosed three years ago in 2009) however am quite new to technology so am getting to grips with this forum and pleased to have discovered that it exists.

I am nearly 60 and definitely not a silver surfer.....yet! Nice to know there are others out there and would like to say hi to everybody.

I am ok with having PD and managing well living on my own with a big garden and a lively dog! I am sure I will use this forum more and more, if I can work out how i found it again!!

Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and I am in my 50s.
I have stopped working, how about you?
Hello, thanks for your message. Yes I have stopped working - i used to be a farmer (farmers wife) and then set up my own dog walking business which was very successful but very tiring! Too many miles to walk everyday.

I stopped the dog walking three years ago as I knew I was struggling with it and then I received my diagnosis - all made more sense after that. Now I just walk my 1 year old spaniel - which has alot of energy!

How about yourself?
Hi, it's interesting that you say you used to be a farmer (farmer's wife). I have a friend with PD and he was also a farmer. I live in the countryside, surrounded by fields and agricultural land. My next door neighbour was diagnosed with PD 18 months ago and I was diagnosed this summer. Could there be a link, as is suggested, with pesticides used on the land? Does anyone know of any statistics that say whether people who live in rural areas are more likely to get PD than townies? Just a thought.
hi im toonarmy was with the forum once before but came off now im back on just wanted to say thanks to vivian for helping me back on im going to be doing a waik for parkinsons next year already got the events pack from parkinsons im waiking the great north run route i took some inspiratioin from the gentelman that done a bike ride through america and raised a million pound for parkinsons so any advice would be appreciated im only 40 year old ive had it 4 year now but still working hard trying to just get on with it but thankyou once again for giving me the chance toexplain a little about myself i was an x soldier served in the gulf northern ireland and really enjoyed the army life left in 1995 been at my current job since which is a bed and furniture maker
Hi Toonarmy,
Welcome back although I am not sure what I said for you to thank me for, I hope it was helpful anyway I always have trouble finding some of my previous comments.

What ever you do don't give up you have a long life to pack in as much as you can and parky will allow. So glad you are planning to do the walk, I wish you all the best in that and many more.
best wishes