Hi I am 56 and live in the Uk and I was diagnosed in 2014, I am lucky to be under the care of an excellent consultant, he said that looking back over my medical history, I was showing signs of Parkinson’s for many years before I was diagnosed, it was missed for a long time, it was only after I began falling over and developed a very obvious tremor that I was sent for further investigation, I am now on Stanek after being taken off the first medication, the Stanek have seemed to really help to keep me switched on ( if that makes sense) glad that they have stopped the falls, and that’s a big relief to my doctor as I have osteoporosis , I must admit, I had perfected the art of falling with style, but it’s better to remain upright where possible. Look forward to getting to know others here. Chelly

Welcome on board, I’ve had a few falls in my time but can’t say I did so with style! Glad you decided to join us.

Hello Chellyw
As you I walked around a long time before anyone connected the dots. I am so often wondering how in the UK you have allot of drugs we don’t have in America.
It leaves me feeling that if all the countries worked together we would all benefit.

It does make me very sad at the world situation. I hope that just because I am American that I am not thought of a person that thinks of himself first. My father and his brothers followed the same path as those in your country to better the world. Parkinson’s is a world problem. Sad that money has put us all as pons on a chess board. Money means little to me. People do.

Glad to hear you are finding some relief from Parkies. Tom PWP