Wanted to introduce myself, I’m Julie, was diagnosed in September 2017 with PD. Haven’t had a good experience with the Neurologist but am finally getting a new one. I’ve only just accepted it, I pushed through and kept going but since July have deteriorated with a lot of pain and muscle spasm on the right side, also I get weird feelings in my brain like electrical shocks. Does anyone else experience these symptoms?
Great to finally get the time to talk and get support in place as I’ve been signed off work.
I’ve tried many alternative therapies and watch what I eat but the stressful jobs going to have to go as I’m also experiencing fatigue. From what I’ve read PD is a very individual disease.
Look forward to finding out about others experiences.

Julieann, Hi and welcome to the Forum. Unfortunately I personally have not experienced what you’re going through. What I can recommend is for you to locate a Parkinsons Nurse in your area(your local GP Surgery should have contact details for one) who will be able to offer help and support and answer any questions you may have until you can get settled with a good Neurologist. As you have found out, we all have differing forms of the disease and also have different side effects plus we all have different coping measures to deal with it. My side effects are balance issues, walking like i’m drunk !! Memory loss but i’m not at the Gold Fish stage !! Slurred speech and my voice goes high pitched and wobbly when I get excited about something. I talked of coping measures and the best way to approach it is with a positive attitude, don’t get depressed at the fact you’ve got it, stare it down and rise above it. Each day, do the best you can and where possible don’t change your life style to accommodate it, be your normal self as much as you can. A member on here said not so long ago, you have Parkinsons, Parkinsons doesn’t have you !! On here you will make friends and you will get help from the members as well as the Moderators who very often point people in the right direction regarding their symptoms. All the best and enjoy the Forum, we are all here for one another, you will never feel alone on here and if we can we will give you as much support as you need.


Hi Les, Thankyou for your reply, I totally get what you’re saying. I have good and bad days but it has totally changed my life, I’m having to give up work and rely on others for support more than I’d like to. It seems to take forever to get services in place. It’s going to take time to get used to this new version of me but it does help to talk on here. I did have a Parkinsons nurse but she left and they are waiting to replace her. I need to learn to pace myself which I’m not very good at. I’m glad I started talking to others on the forum.


I haven’t experienced electric shocks myself, but on my travels with google I have come across the term in relation to SSRI withdrawal

I have put a link to some information in a separate thread in Symptoms category

That’s interesting as I did come off SSRIs.

@Julieann, There’s always somebody around for a chat and helpful advice, that is what I like about this Forum. I was a lorry driver so you can appreciate where i’m coming from, my work was so varied as I delivered bricks mainly around the country and picked up other building products to deliver on my travels. Once diagnosed it meant that I could no longer operate heavy machinery and had to give up my HGV Licence, the only consolation in this is that I am still able to drive the car but on a three year restriction, which is a blessing. I went from being very active to adapting to a new way of life, I walk to town every day for the exercise and to get the paper mostly also I play both Outdoor and will soon start the Indoor game to take me over the Winter. Have a good weekend, take care.