I may have done this before as I joined a while ago but here goes. I am currently undergoing the usual series of Consultants appointments and other diagnostics. I dont know if this is the correct category but as a first post I.ll leave it to guidance from others.
I saw a neuro a year ago and was diagnosed with essential tremor after a very brief interview and similar examination. My GP offered to get a second opinion as I thought I had been short changed as I had subtle symptoms that made me question the diagnosis, I suggested that he would refer me to someone else as and when I gave him course to do so when he felt I,d "developed" in his opinion.
Later the same year he referred me to a consultant of his choice as I had said my faith in the choose and book method was a lottery, leaving me to stumble upon "the right man" for the job.To cut a long story short after two successful visits to said consultant Ive had a Datscan today [ I feel amongst a luck few]and after the scan I was suprised when the guy who did it showed me the screen of his computer which had some very grey and incomplete images that bareley showed the usual highlights ie two faint caudate dots and a barely visible putamen tail on one side.My question is was he feeding me a little and did hid explanation of the results needing to be further sorted and enhanced true, he seemed to be very genuine and I wondered if others had had the same experience as the images were still grey and not the multicoloured images I have seen posted about the net. Hope this makes sense and thanks for any input,

Welcome to the forum Jandar

I am surprised he showed you the results, I can't think that is usual, specially if they were grey and a bit difficult to interpret. Are you a health professional? Even if you are I still feel he shouldn't have shown you.
Thanks for reply Mosie, no I,m not a health professional and I also apologise for my sometimes rambling explanations as I was very tired and not at my best. I was suprised to see anything as at first whe I sat up he stood right beside me saying I should take it easy after lying completely still for 45 mins, he was also positioned between me and his workstation which I took to be a way of prventing me seeing anything! As I rose from the scannner you could have knocked me down with a feather when he gestured towards the computer screen and proceeded towards it explaining that further work would be required before an interpretation could be made. There were definately only a few frames on the screen and as described previously were black/grey and mottled with very weak and incomplete "comma" detailing. I did think it alittle strange to preempt the consultant patient meeting/ followup even with his brief explanation as to me even with the images shown there seemed to be what I believe to be a considerable reduction as I understand it.
I also was shown the image of my DAT scan and was given an explanation of the results, as the image concerned me I would have expected nothing less
Hello silver spoon, how many images were there and did you get to see them immediatley after the scan?