Hi Everyone

I have had Parkinsons for over 30 years but Im only 57. Life can be a real challenge but I try very hard to keep a positive outlook and focus on other peoples problems not my own as there is always someone who is having a harder time than I am. Im in a very strong relationship so that helps a lot.


Hi, it’s great that you have kept a positive outlook after 30 years with pd. I think very much like you in helping others, l am 55 with pd for 7 years, I am married and I care for my elderly mum, I also have my own gardening business, and focus on helping others with there problems. And I believe in helping others, without asking for anything in return possitively benefits us in many ways.


You give me hope

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Hi, each one of us, no matter what the circumstances has the power to live a rewarding life, sometimes it takes an illness like pd to realise this.

Walk in Beauty