I was DX in June 2011 - not sure where that time has gone! I am very lucky in that my symptoms seem to be slow progressing. I have left side symptoms including a left foot drag, depleted fine motor skills and a slight tremor - which takes a life of its own if I get stressed - so I try not to:laughing:. I am 51 and married with two grown up children who have both flown the nest.

hi ya ali p,im ali j:smile::smile:i been dx 12 years,im 43 years old,welcome to puk forum.lots of friends and good surport on the forum,any questions to be answered always ask,some one will deffo no the answer for you.i also have grown up child,she is 24 in april,got her own home to,still me baby though:smile:i drag me rite foot,and tremor more on rite than left with meself.i been told rite leg two inches shorter than other as well.and i got a block heel in me shoe to make me more level cus it effects me walking and hips to.do you go to a pd group alip? or have you a pd nurse to give help as well?both of these i have and it deffo can make a difference with motervation:smile:

Thanks for the reply Ali! No, I don't go to a group, nor do I have a pd nurse yet - been burying my head in the sand a bit! This site is very good as all the info is here - just need to get my act together......

well anytime you wonna chat,i be here for you,and lots of others too xx:smile:

Thanks, I appreciate that :grin:

Hello and a warm welcome to the forum Ali p. I'm sure that you will enjoy using the forum, personally I learned more about PD from this forum than from any of the medics that I have dealt with since I was dx 11 years ago. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, sometimes we are not sure if something that we are experiencing is linked to our pd, so we come on the forum and ask. Almost always somebody can offer an answer or a solution, so it's always worth asking. You will also find loads of support from our pd community. I look forward to chatting with you some time.


Thanks glenchass, I've been a member for a while, but look forward to being more proactive.

Hi Ali P

I too have been DX almost 2yrs age now (almost 50! shhh):wink:except my symptoms are same as you but right sided. It seems every few days i think i must acknowledge i'm beginning to struggle that bit more yet every day in-between i remined myself that i'm still coping ok without noticeable problems...but am I?....I worried months back about how i'd cope in the near future, well that near future is here and i'm still coping ok...just!....so here's to the next near future and the mind set of 'let's wait & see what happens' before i succum to needing more meds....I'm sure my body will eventually tell my brain when it's needed??

Best wishes


Hi Diane, it's really great to hear from someone at a similar stage - I share your fears! Thanks for posting!
Ali xx

Hi Ali and welcome to the forum. :astonished:

Welcome, Ali p! I'm 67 (or will be on Saturday) and have had PD for 15 years. From your description, we are probably at about the same stage. Over the years, I have gradually increased my medication plan, with two drugs to delay the progress of the disease and two to control symptoms. The good news is that when I meet new people, no one ever seems to guess that I have PD. I still hike, work out at the gym, play the piano, garden, and lead my normal life. I don't delude myself that this situation will last forever, yet I also try to maintain a positive, hopeful attitude.
Again, welcome back to the forum!

Thanks j of grey, that's very encouraging!