Hello, I have been lurking in the background for a week or so but felt I ought to introduce myself. I havn’t officially been diagnosed by a consultant but was confirmed by my gp around a year ago. Since then I have been waiting to see a neurologist. So I have plenty of the symptoms but as yet no meds for them. My name is Michael by the way. Anyway I am hoping to get to know a few of you and maybe learn and pick up some helpful tips along the way. That’s me for now anyway.

Hi Michael welcome, I too read through posts on the forum before I joined, only posted a couple of times. I’ve found lots of resources and some really valuable advice ‘don’t google’ I have recently started medication to support a diagnosis after a DAT scan, so far so good! I was apprehensive in reading about some of the side effects but my neurologist advised this course of meds to see how I respond and to be honest apart from a few headaches I can honestly say I have felt a difference. As you will read everyone has a different experience to share. I have had some pretty emotional days and have accepted this is allowed. My daughter tells me you can’t have a rainbow without the rain! I have managed to find a local support group contact number through the website but with Covid restrictions groups are not meeting but have signed up to newsletters and it was really good to talk to someone. Stay safe :smile:

Hi and thank you for the welcome, and well done on the positive response to your meds.

Hi Michael @Thornton1 and welcome to the forum. Initially don’t change anything about your current lifestyle, you have Parkinsons, it doesn’t have you !! Carry on doing what you normally do, in time you will know when things are changing and you will adjust your lifestyle accordingly. With Parky, as some like to refer to it, everyone is different so don’t think your the exception to the rule. Always adopt a positive attitude in everything you do, no one will knock you for it and make sure you let people know you have it, thiis way it won’t come as a shock when things get worse which hopefully won’t be for a very long time. Personally, I have a Deep Brain Stimulator(DBS) fitted and have have had it for 7 years now but being what I am, I have a second tremor(Dystonic) which my dear Consultant wouldn’t acknowledge when told by my wife !! It was only after fitting that this came to light. I was diagnosed with Parky in 2011 and took no end of different medications to get one that worked for me, this being Madopar. Not everyone gets on with this medication but it suits me which goes with the territory of everyone being different. We have a great bunch of people on here ready and willing to help you come to terms with it so feel free to ask anything that is on your mind. Sometime the Moderators step in to help people so you’re never alone. I say to people to make contact with your Parkinsons Nurse, your local GP Surgery can help there, these people are worth their weight in Gold and can also help you with giving advice. Enjoy the forum.