Hi, diagnosed almost 2 years ago now. Female 54. Have been on Ropinerole 10mg, side effects bad so changing to Patch? Reducing dose by 2mg every two weeks until I freeze? At this point I am to contact consultant for new prescription. Really do not know what to expect as never experienced freezing. Can anyone advise? Thanks
Welcome, Distinctly Jack!

Like almost all PD symptoms, freezing hits some people and not others. I was also diagnosed in my 50's, but that was 15 years ago (female, now 67). In all that time, I have had about ten or twelve freezing incidents. For me, it is an involuntary hesitation before an action. I think of moving, but the muscles don't respond instantaneously. As the disease advances, I understand it is harder to come out of the state of immobility. For me at present, it's just a momentary delay.

Think positive -- you could be one who never "freezes"!
Hi welcome to puk forum im ali been dxv12 years.im 43.freezing can become a huge problem. Thats the truth but like all sytoms of pd we are all didderent and you mite not get freezing at all.i did not experince it till 4 years on.but even if it happins you can over come things.people out there like phiseos occupatinal health.neuros pd nurses are all there to help and belive me they do.so pkease try not worry.also we are all here on the forum to help out and the helpline of course.:astonished:
on the face of it, from what you say, assuming there is no other relevant information, i would try a new consultant. ASAP. yours on the face of it, etc seems to be a complete d********.
hi jack

welcome to the forum are you sure that your consultant knows what he/she is doing i have never heard that one before, and as the others have said you may never freeze i have had pd 10yrs and had a slight freeze once you might never freeze at all, like you i was started on ropinerole but could not tolerate it so was put on the patch which i have to say did,nt really work so was put on pamiprexol and it seems to be working for me, i dont know where you live but i think you need to change your consultant i got a refferal to one that practises at newcastle which does mean a 2 hour jounrney twice a year but it is worth it am going tomorow, his name is proffesor david burn and him and his team are brilliant they have a clinic 3-4 times a week and they have a telephone help line which if you ring when the clinic is not on the secretary will take your number and gives you a time and they will ring you back, i would think about seeing someone else good luck, sue.
Thanks for feed back, have requested a call from consultant to make sure I have understood his instruction correctly. As far as I understand the change from Ropinerol to patch will take place when I reach 2mg or episode of freezing whichever comes first. Next week will be down to 4mg, not feeling great but looking forward to better things when on patch!:laughing: