hi everyone im anthony diagnosed if feb this year still wondering what happening
im livivng with my long term partner diane she being very supportive. we live in the north west have done all our lives no kids just a cat
just been prescribed azilect along with requip xl 12 mg not sure about the azilect tho
Good Morning Anthony and welcome to the forum.
You will find that this place is full of helpful and gutsy people who have experienced most things that Dr Parkinson can throw at you. I hope you get as much support as I have done. Tell us more, ask questions, make yourself at home.

I am 46 and was dx 7 years ago but I still remember the shock and confusion that followed after being told that my loss of dexterity wasn't a trapped nerve. 7 years on I am still working and have pretty close to normal life with the aid of Sinemet plus (Levodopa) and Requip XL (Ropinirole)

You mention Azilect which is quite a common drug to use in the early days of the journey with Parkinson's. Like most drugs it has an impressive list of side effects. This is a result, in part, of the litigious times we live in and the fact that nobody ever sued a drug company for over declaring side effects. Any of these things could happen to you but its likely that few if any of them will happen. On the positive side I remember being told that Azilect could have a mild anti depressive effect.

The side effects issue is a real one for People with Parkinson's and its one that does not always get enough attention. If you are worried or curious ask questions. Ask your neuro or PD Nurse. If they don't give you satisfactory answers call the Parkinson's UK helpline. It is staffed by a gang of superstars who can advise you on any aspect of life with Parkinson's. Most of all - keep coming here.

Elegant Fowl
Hello Tonyco,

Welcome to the forum, you will find many people on here who will help you through the different stages of pd as well as plenty of humour which is needed with this complex condition. My husband has had PD for thirty years so we have seen many changes in our lives, but the main thing is to stay positive and enjoy every day, keep up the hobbies you may have and any fitness programme as this will help.
I will probably speak to you again but for now best wishes
Hi tonyco
welcome to the forum. You will meet a great bunch of people with wide and various sense of humour. Many a time will you feel like crying with frustration but remember the saying, do not cry when you can laugh instead. I think that like us all you will find the reported side effects long and confusing. remember though that it does not mean you will experience them - some do and some don't .
Forum members between them, have experienced most effects and are always happy to help people even if its only to offer a friendly voice in the wilderness. Keep your pecker up mate and never forget the forum. Oh by the way, you say you have a cat, I always thought cats in the north west were called tigers!!!
Thanks for the welcomes it does help when you can speak to others with the same problems
Thanks again I'm sure I'll be here a fair bit
All the best, Tonyco. I have been dx 11 years and I can add nothing to the wise words of fellow forum members who posted before me. If youre not sure, ask, persist and ask again .....