I was diagnosed with PD in March this year. I only went to the doc in January with loss of dexterity in my left hand.In some ways I was fortunate not to have undergone years of tests before diagnosis. I am 52 with a wonderful o/h and four children 17,18,21&24. I told them straight away and have tried to answer any questions as truthfully as possible. I still work part time and hope to continue for as long as I can. Not on any meds yet and after reading some posts would rather not start until I really have to.
Although I would rather not have to, its great to read everyones stories and advice on how they cope with this condition.
Take care
Hi Skye
Welcome to the forum.
you seem to have the right approach and I hope your posse of O/H and offspring will be a great support to you.
I look forward to chatting to you.

I went to my GP for three years with loss of dexterity in my hand and it never occurred to her to refer me on, so your GP did well. I am 62, diagnosed at 56 ish and very busy with help of medication. All good wishes and hope you find Forum helpful.
A large bar of chocolate helps with cup of tea!!
It has/does me and I do not have pd, I care for my father - so you must be strong.
Your family will be very supportive -trust me.