Hi, i was diagnosed in late Oct, i am 45 have two children 3, 5 and a caring hard working wife.I have other health issues which don't help!I have been given neupro 8mg once a day and see how i go also told i am in stage 2.i have been meaning to post but was still in denial. Hope to learn more and more about pd from the friendly folk on here!
thanks for reading this.
Hi Vikings

Forget about stages (unless you can act?).

Its how you yourself deal with PD that matters!

If you decide to quietly join the queue and fade away into insignificance, like many do, your resolve will be gradually eaten away by your symptoms.

Dig deep and apply yourself!

Exercise regularly (Tai Chi or Yoga are highly recommended), control your diet (DO NOT eat protein within an hour of Sinemet medication), drink plenty of water and make sure that you take your medication ON TIME!! Keep a diary or notes when attending an appointment with your Neuro or PD nurse. Do not be afraid to ask questions. They only allow you so much time. The last thing you need is returning home from your appointment with unanswered questions!

I've had this pox over 15 years and still lead a fairly active life. My symptoms are quite severe at times (Dystonia being the worse, followed closely by Rigidity, Dyskinesia and finally Tremor.

Paranoia and anxiety play a huge part too!

All of these symptoms can be controlled to a certain degree if you have the determination and will to apply these measures.

Learn about PD and how it can and will effect you.

Good luck

Hi Viking,

Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed just over two years ago & have just had my 52nd birthday (or as I say 30/22nd)! I`m married with two children 23 & 25 who just accept me as i am, to them i`m just mum who happens to be slightly strange sometimes! only joking they are really supportive (which helps a lot).

All i can say is try & be positive and don`t think too far ahead, my pd isn`t too bad compared to some people but it felt life changing to me at first. I`m on Requip Xl, Amantadine, Citalopram, propranolol......i won`t bore you any more but all i can say is (as my consultant told me) don`t worry about symptoms becoming worse they have new medication coming out all the time & every one is different. You may stay as you are but once you are stable life will just be a bit different but you manage to cope and you will come to accept the pd it might take a while but like me some days you can see the funny side and others have a bloody good cry and slam a door or two!

Hope this helps?

Keep in touch

Take your time getting used to the dx
Don't take notice of everything you're told. I was told 5 years ago that I'd need medication in a couple of years, within 10 years it would stop working. And the neuro said my left side problems would spread to the other side within 18 months,
I've still got mild one sided pd that doesn't need medication and doesn't stop me working or playing. Be prepared for the worst perhaps but expect the best!
Exrecise and self nurturing via rest, food etc really do help.
Lots of poeple to talk to here and lots of positivity to tap into. I look forward to sharing yours.
Hi Vikings, welcome to the forum and welcome to the 40s club. It is a big shock being dx, but there is life after it. Im 47, diagnosed at 40 and still acting like a teenager. The thing to remember is fight it and avoid stress.


Thanks to all who have replied to me, it means alot.I felt alone as i dont know anyone else with pd. [u]Not anymore[/u] i have my pd family on this board thanks:laughing::laughing::laughing:
hello vikings and welcome,
my situation is a bit like yours. I have two young kids (5, 8) and a hard-working wife. I am 46 now and was diagnosed at age 40. I have spent most time since diagnosis in a sort of denial state. I only recently found the forum and it has been quite a big part of breaking me out of denial.

How did you come by your screen name? it sounds interesting.

Hi vikings like you new to this forum and can understand the whole shock thing, but wanted to say hi and can only echo what others have said, I was dx 4yrs ago but symptomatic for probably 6yrs. I'm doin relatively well exercise helps I swim as it seems kinder to my body it helps with the stiffness and general feeling of wellbeing. I got kids too although they are at uni in london (not cheap!!) best I can say is your PD will be as individual as you but stay as positive as you can and enjoy yourself it helps!:grin:
Hi elegant fowl, my screen name comes from my rugby league team i support "widnes vikings" The sl2012 means superleague 2012 season :grin: