Good afternoon all and hope you’re enjoying the glorious weather. Just wanted to ask if anyone takes Clonazapem for night time? If so what dose was recommended when first commenced? My husband is 8 years down the line with PD and not been so good lately. After a short spell in hospital last week due to him being totally unable to get off the chair, our neuro came onto the ward and has now added Safinamide to take with his four a day Sinemet 25/250. He also stopped the Melatonin nightime med and introduced Clonazapem as very wakeful and restless in the night. This has helped him and me get a better night’s sleep. However I’m wondering if it is causing him more sleepiness during the day? I know that it could just as easily be his other PD drugs and in the last couple of years he sleeps a lot more in the day than he used to. I’m wondering if he’s on too high a dose of Clonazapem? The consultant has written in his letter to take 250mcg of 500mcg tablet at night, but I noticed when he came home, the prescription states one and a half tablets of 500mcg Clonazapem? By my reckoning that would equate to 750mcg not 250! Of course it’s a possibility that the dosage was increased when he was discharged but until I can speak to the hospital pharmacist on Monday I’m very unsure of what the correct dose would be. I don’t want to be giving him too much but just don’t know what to do given the dosage info on the box he brought home. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks Jean.