Hello, I am 79yrs old and have just been diagnosed with PD. I feel a bit of a fraud, because apart from a tremor in my left hand and an occasionally shaky right foot, I have no other symptoms. The specialist diagnosed ‘mild Parkinson’s’ does this mean it won’t get much worse? Or will it still progress? My hand started shaking about 6 months ago.

Good morning Lolagail … Welcome to the forum. You say “specialist”, is this person a Neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s? Were you put on any Parkinson’s medication? Is this person being lazy in diagnosing PD rather than looking for other causes? If your symptoms don’t bother you then I wouldn’t worry.

I had a positive Datscan showing I had Parkinson’s. Apart from my mobility
I consider my symptoms mild like you.

Best of luck

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Hi Lolagail,

I’m afraid Parkinson’s disease is progressive and tends to get worse with time. There are medications that help which i suspect you haven’t started yet from the mildness of symptoms you describe. Everybody is different so it’s impossible to say how quickly your symptoms will change. There’s loads of information on ParkinsonsUK and other websites and always advice here,