I was diagnosed back in April 2004 at the age of 53. It took me a year to come to terms with having it and by that time had set up a support group for people with PD of a working age.
As a result I have been most fortunate in meeting some inspiring people and making loads of friends. There is something comforting about taking charge of oneself and PD. Once I accepted it was not going to go away, I decided to get on with life and do the things I planned to do 'when I retired' now. So the support group keeps me busy, as does being active in health groups, being a member of U3A plus my regime of exercise - gym, yoga, badminton and table-tennis. I am a staunch advocate of exercise and am championing the need for leisure centres to provide physios to cater for the likes of us and encouraging people with long term conditions like PD to make use of their facilities in an environment that was not embarassing.
Welcome to the forum BigM53, what a busy lady you seem to be. I hope that you enjoy the forum and look forward to having a chat sometime.

A warm welcome to the forum bigmama. I hope you find this place as helpful as I do.

hiya ,love ur forum name:smile:welcome,im ali i been dx 11 years ,im 42, i hope to see u around the forum x:smile:
welcome aboard.
Great to hear of your positive busy life. Details of your group would be interesting for any members in your area :)
Hello and welcome Bigmama wish I had a little of your get up and go.

Radz x
Hi Big Mama great name:grin:
Im with you on the exercise thing I swim when I can
I have 1hr week with trainer we work on my left side (or he does)
I go to pilates which is the best after weeks of falling and wobbling
I have better balance and the stretching helps the aches and pains
all the best Adrian
you put me to shame.
I sound rather lame/podgy/lacklustre.
Good luck to you - it would help I suppose if I did not have this large bar of chocolate- not large enough though.
My father has stressed me for 4 weeks so I deserve it , honestly!!!!