I apologise, first of all, if this is duplicated somewhere!

I am a 58 yr old woman who was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I went for some internal problems and came out with pd! Quite a shock because apart from fatigue didnt feel particularly ill. I was a chiropodist and blamed a painful shoulder and weak wrist on the job!

The neurologist put me on mirapexin. I have found them to be very good. I had a few symptoms like bidding for dozens of handbags on ebay. I also became very artistic and started to make jewellery.

Having read through the forum I feel that I probably have some experience that I can share now. Will speak to everyone under the relevant topics.

hiya malteaser,welcome to the forum,im ali been dx 11 half years im 43 years old.wot a bummer bein dx with pd when u went to the gyno,you mention your shoulder painful,thats a sign ,cus i had it for ages,and me gp at the time was treatin me with quaterzones for frozern shoulder,till someone else saw me and noticed me hands shook.mirapexon did not agree with me at first, i had side effect which made me have big problems and lost alot of friends,who did not understand wot was happinin to me,when i kept tryin to explain ,im not me self.im glad you got the rite dose for yourself now malteaser,when you said you been bidin on ebay for hand bags,made me giggle to me self but it ant no laughin thing,all these drugs we are on are very important,but we gotta be careful.making jellery well that sounds like a good thing,bein artistic,anyway luv to see you around the forum malteaser,as you can see there lot of surpot on here and lovely friends :smile: