i have recently started dating a man with pakinsons disease who i adore and im hoping to find out more about the disease and also what will happen to him in the future at present he shuffles and freezes and moves alot with out spasmatic movements if that makes sense and not offending anyone

so i wish you all a happy christmas and good new year
Ivyfarm hello and welcome. What a lovely, kind and thoughtful lady you are. There will be many here who will answer your questions and ease your worry and concerns.

I wish you and your new partner a long and loving life together.

Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you both for 2012.

Radz x
Hello and welcome Ivyfarm You are in the right place for all kind of info with many many good people to help, Really is a nice thing you are doing Thank you and
Merry Christmas from oldboy 73.
Hi Ivyfarm.

I, like Radz, will assume that as you are dating this wonderful man you are yourself a lady (well you never know), and I wish you both a wonderful life together.

Some people might in ignorance be put off by the tag "Parkinson's", but your approach is by far the more appropriate: don't let the condition prevent you from having a super relationship, but nonetheless enter our world with your eyes open, and do your best to learn about the subject, understand what's happening, and follow the progress of medical and neurological research.

We try to avoid the suffix "Disease" nowadays, because (a) we don't want folk thinking it's something nasty you can catch or pass on to others, and (b) we prefer to consider it a "condition" or a "syndrome". For these reasons our organisation recently changed its name from "The Parkinson's Disease Society" to "Parkinson's (UK)".

It would be useful if you could tell us briefly how much you already know about Parkinson's. I presume your lucky man has explained the basics, but this may not be the case, so it would be helpful if we knew where to place the starting blocks. A bit of background is always useful too, like geographical area, whether you're a member of a local group, etc, etc.

For my part I'm 61, retired and live in beautiful (?) Hull. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's 11 years ago at the age of 50, and still seem to be here to tell the tale (much to the annoyance of some folk here!), and to open my Christmas presents this morning with my wife and 4 cats. I'm in and out of this forum day and night, whenever the fancy takes me - particularly in the middle of the night, as my sleep patterns are unpredictable to say the least.

So feel free to drop by any time you like, there's usually someone around for a chat. There are lots of threads on different aspects of our lives, as well as a busy Social thread for word games, puzzles and general natter. Even a virtual pub where we can sit by the imaginary log fire and sip an imaginary dram or two whilst we put the world to rights!

I really look forward to chatting again, and I hope I haven't put you off too much already......

Have a terrific Christmas and a wonderful and loving 2012!

hiya ivyfarm,welcome to puk:smile:im ali i been dx for 11 years ,im 42 years old:smile:you can not help ur heart fallin in luv with anyone one,its the stickin to erm wot causes the probs nowadays ,as im quite sure ur aware.but it takes some one real speacil to luv and stick with some one who has a disease,it means ur heart and soul are so much in the rite place,and i think it is wonderful,i wish u all th luck in the world ,both of you .this forum will give lots of surport to both of you and make freinds along the way ,hope to see you around.o and by the way if you pop in the cafe on social,i will make u a cuppa :wink::smile:
Shhh, we don't say "disease" any more!