I was diagnosed in February and have lurked around since then I am 48 and it came as a shock to be told I had Parkinsons.
Initially I was on no medication but at my checkup last week was started on Selegiline.I havent yet picked the prescription up it seems like admitting I have a problem.Has anyone got any feedback about taking Selegiline and what I should expect ?
At the moment my only symptoms are that my handwriting is illegable and if I am just sitting I get the shakes.However if I keep busy or start to do something the shaking stops.This seems a better alternative to me than taking drugs.
Hi elliebb looks like we both got to lknow same time plus I'm in 40's it gets easier to admit to yourself that summat not right I'm no expert but I wreckon you'll need drugs soon my hand writing improved immensely whenvivstarted my meds
Just can't type ha ha
Hello elliebb
welcome to the forum and I hope that you will enjoy visiting it. Yes it is a right kick in the pants to be told that you have pd and it can never be cured.
There is a heck of a lot of us in the same boat so welcome aboard and join the crew. I started on madopar and the the specialist added selegeline. Must admit I cannot see much difference, problem is that I do not know what I would be like without the medication - bit of a catch twenty two situation really' . Like you my writing is unmentionable. I do find however that if I use a millboard to hold the paper, and keep my left hand (with the tremor) away, then my writing improved quite a bit - try it , it may help.
Keep smiling

hi elliebb
I was diagnosed at 50 but had signs from 45, I am only just coming to terms with it. this forum and my new friends have helped immensely. Not every one comments but just knowing people take time to read your posts is a great encouragement. Continue to get your daily pd top up :laughing::laughing:from here.

love neenag xxx united by pd:grin::grin:
hiya elliebb,welcome to the forum,im ali im 43 and been dx for 11 half years,im on sinemet and mirpexon,ive not been on selegeline at all,so i carnt give a opion on that drug,im sorry.but there is many members here who will be able to help you eeiebb,lots of surport here and nice firends to be made.you could give the helpline on puk forum a call about selegeline they will be able to give you guidence,the number is top of the page.goin on to any drug for the first time ellibb can be worrying and i do understand your concerns,please get guidence from members or suport lines,and hopefully this will calm your concerns and help you decide wots best for you.good luck elliebb,please keep in touch with us to let us no how you get on x:smile:
Hi ellibb,
I have yet to discover what the difference is between various drugs. Perhaps we should be mor erobust in our questioning of the consultants. When I asked the PD nurse she just said some consultants prefer different drugs.:fearful:Ahem!! Excuse me? And just whose body is this? Well, if you asked that of God, you'd get short shrift, so its not surprising consultants think they don't need to justify themselves. And yes, my cynicism is based on experience!!
The main thing is to know your body. Note anything different, and WRITE IT DOWN!!Ask people you live with or see often if they notice any change. Sorry this flies in the face of keeping your Parkinson's to yourself, but its in your long term interest. Besides; why do you want to keep it to yourself? Its horrible! Get others to share the burden (without being a bore, of course!) People dont know what Parkinsons is; and besides its different for everyone. Its up to us to educate people who have little experience. Some of my most rewarding conversations have begun 'Sorry, but I don't know much about Parkinsons; Can you tell me about it?'
All the best, Chrissie