Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed 2 years ago, although I'd had symptoms at least two years before. I immediately joined Parkinson's UK and found a very lively local Group who made me very welcome. My wife also joined.

It was about a year before I was put on to Sinemet which I had awaited with anticipation as I understood that this was supposed to help with the classic symptoms of soreness, stiffness and slowness. Regrettably, the drug did nothing for me and after some months, the Consultant arranged for me to increase my dosage from one 100mg tablet which I took 3 times a day to 250mg 4 times a day. When this did nothing he arranged fro me to come down to zero, which confirmed to him that I did not have ideopathic Parkinsons's and that I most probably have Vascular Parkinsonism (VP). This came as no surprise to me as I suspected as much from looking at symptoms online. I then saw my Parkinson's nurse who confirmed the diagnosis. She also advised that there is no medication available for treating this branch of the disease.

That bit came as a  blow to me as well as my reading about VP which suggests that VP sufferers are more prone to the onset of alzheimers disease and various other conditions. It seems that there is nothing available to help. Meantime my symptoms have worsened, with my walking have slowed down considerably, sticky feet, turning; and getting up from seats are  causing great difficulty 

It is still  sinking in but I feel rather abandoned and that is why I came onto  the Forum to find out if there are other people with similar issues. I would be pleased to hear from you if you have any suggestions for coping which might help. 


Regards to all.