Hello my name is Margaret in would like to chat to some. One who has parkinsons

I think you'll find plenty of people on here who'll pass on information and chat. There are poets to entertain, experiences to compare, distractions to help pass the time, support to help boost morale and loads of stuff about meds.

I'm a recent newcomer. If you click 'online community' on the black toolbar, then select 'Forum', then 'Introductions and personal stories' you'll find me. Orpheus Returns.

I have Parkinson's which was finally diagnosed a few months ago. I have had it much longer.

Since joining this forum those with more experience have been keeping me right. I take a lighter view of what is a very serious condition. This is to take my mind off it.

I have had masses of help both serious and humorous. Just type in your reply and click save at the bottom of the page.

A very friendly welcome to you, Orphy.


Hello Orphy

My name is chippns looking for a friend

Just time to say hello as it is bed time


Hi Chippins,

                      You'll make loads of friends on here. We are all pretty much in the same boat........with varying degrees of PD.

I should be in bed, but can't sleep. I have to go to hospital today, at this rate I'll be snoring in the waiting room.


Hi Orphy

Thanks for your reply 

I hope your hospital appointment goes ok


Hi Chip,

             Does a quick Max Bygraves impression.....I wanna tell you a storrrry....

I came on here for some answers. I got more than I bargained for. There is a lady on here called J of Grey Cottage.

I had my PD diagnosis when I had to have a biopsy for Prostrate cancer. My blood test revealed a high reading and I thought it was a foregone conclusion.

So there I was thinking, hells bells what else can go wrong. J offered me some information, which gave me a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. She knew about high blood counts.

Today I walked in to see my consultant. He smiled warmly. 'Good news' he said 'your clear'. You'll need to be monitored ( I have had several internal bleeds) but it's just a precaution.

J gave me several weeks of hope instead of dread. She didn't dress it up or make statements which could give false hope. It was simply helpful.





Does. Anyone have odd tastes in food since having parkinsons

My taste has gone I also get hiccups a lot.....not always when eating.

The taste going was a blessing......if you had ever tasted my cooking you'd know why.