HI there you all out there. Not really sure what I have come along to join - its all very new to me and I am completely unsure of where this will take me. I live with my grown up kids and my husband and am in my mid 50s. I like to think that my cup is half full but of late am finding it emptier and emptier. I feel that the medical profession can't really help because they only see a snapshot of our life and I am sure they think I am exaggerating half the   - when I ask for help I just get given a load of telephone numbers and groups - I do follow them up but then as soon as I don't get a response I just give up. 

It would be lovely to chat on-line to people in a similar circumstance to me - so I can have a moan without anyone thinking any the worse of me

Hello Slim

You're the carer for your husband, right? Caring is really tough, I know (though in this situation I'm the caree), and it can feel a very lonely place. But there is support - here for a start - so don't give up. i can't speak for anyone else - but I won't think worse of you if you moan. i won't even think you're moaning.

Do post, and between us we'll see if we can help.

Take care - we need our carers!


Hi Slim....and welcome, you have come to the right place...we are a friendly bunch and you can chat on here to us all to your hearts content......you won't be judged, but you will be supported. I have PD and my Husband is my carer, thankfully my meds keep most symptoms under control so he doesn't have too much caring to do as yet!!!! in fact he has recently hurt his knee and is having a job keeping up with me!!winkso roles have been reversed for a while. 

Keep posting.....and keep smiling matey big grin

warmest wishes


Thanks a lot

Yes I am a carer for my hubby

Most of the time we rub along nicely but just sometimes life can be tough so once I get into the habit I think checking in with you guys every so often will be good