Hi, I'm janet, I am 72 and was diagnosed in 2003.  I have never used a forum before, so new to all this but looking forward to meeting people on line and hearing their storie

Hello Mum!

Ha ha!  You are now live on your first community chat board! : )

Hopefully you will bring lots of sunshine to the other people on here with your stories xx

HI SUNSHINE AND A BIG WELCOME TO YOU....you will find us all a friendly bunch and you have come to the right place for support, a chat, or games. Keep posting and all good wishes to youbig grin


Welcome, Sunshine123!

Judging by the name you picked, you are maintaining a positive attitude regarding your diagnosis.  And I think that's half the battle! 

I was diagnosed in 2002 but had symptoms for five years before that.  My case is exceptionally slow-moving, so I have not changed my lifestyle at all yet.  I still hike, exercise at a gym, play the piano, attend social events, etc. (I am 68, by the way.)  Since 2012 I have been a widow but am carrying on, as one must.

I hope you enjoy the forum.  During my participation here, I've learned a great deal about PD and its medications.

Best wishes,     J

What a rigmarole,

Laughing.......my daughter is teaching me how to use this and that last comment clearly wasn't meant for all... Ha ha.   Thank you for your lovely messages.

hi nice to meet you ! your not far off your first comment lol

Welcome to the forum Sunshine