I have been watching from the wings for a while and thought I would finally contribute. Before being diagnosed I was a service engineer for a crane company (working at heights) so it has had a drastic affect, I thought it best to inform my managers as it was a health and safety issue. They have been very good and now I'm mostly office based but I am finding it very difficult to adjust. Has anybody had anything similar and regained enough benefits from medication to return to their previous careers?

hi popple, my pd was very aggressive but i managed to work for 6yrs untill i had to give in but i  was a plumber & heating engineer ,maybe as you have a office based job now which is good will help you to carry on working,shame tho i bet the views were lovely ! 

Hi popple

Yes I've only been Dx since June I'm a HGV mechanic/ engineer I build concreat plants and such like, I had a cognitive melt down at work due to stress and exhaustion  which was caused by pd .

Ended up with left hand tremor left foot lazy dizzy head n memory probs I had walking probs n stiffness before dx pluss other things related to pd.   all of which I'd put down to getting old lol .

when I was dx I could hardly stand up and defiantly couldn't climb a cement silo   Tallest one we have is 70ft tall , gp thought I'd had a stroke one emergency nuro appointment later and I was told it pd, I'm now on 8mg requip xl a day n things are pretty good not perfect but ok, I'm back to work but not on lorrys I do plant n machinery now plus my concreat plants lol. I can climb and work at hights n have got my confidence back so I've been lucky , if I'd been put in an office I'd have gone mad inside a week as I'm only happy with a spanner in my hand lol,

well I hope that's some help to you and you progress as well as I've done and get back doing what you enjoy.

  Live well.  Cc

Hi Gus thank you for replying. I hope that I will adjust to my new role at work but finding it stressful at the moment which I should try to avoid. Most of the cranes we make are for factories so the view is not what you might think although some are on the sea front and I did get to travel abroad occasional. I hope to keep working for a long time .

Thats good you've got the right attitude as long as you keep thinking like that im sure your be fine!

Hi Cheshire Cat it's good to know you have had such good results from your meds. I am currently taking 1.57 mg of Oprymea (pramipexol) slow release, my symptoms started about two and half years ago with an occasional tremor in my ring finger but I waited until my arm painfully seized up and severe bradykinesia and tremor. No more guitar playing my wife says it's one small mercy lol. The pain is gone but the bradykinesia and tremor remains. Still remaining optimistic for some more improvement. 

hi popple, just keep an eye on compulsive behaviour with pramipexol as i suffered gambling & drinking  problems ! 

Hi Gus my wife is watching me carefully for any signs of hyper sexuality and compulsive shopping she says if it happens I will be her ideal man lol. Seriously though I there's nothing to report but I am aware thanks for the warning.

no probs !

A late welcome from me, poppie, because I've been off-line awhile.  But I wanted to say that when you and your doctor or PD nurse work out the right combination of meds, you may get great results.  I was reluctant to take drugs and delayed until my symptoms bothered me daily.  Once I started on pramipexole, all my symptoms disappeared in two weeks!  Over the years, I have raised my dosage of that and have added other meds, but I am still doing well.

In the photo you look quite young.  You may very well be able to keep working for years.  Every case of PD is different and unpredictable, though.  We just work with whatever comes along!  (By the way, I'm 68, so even if you're 50, you're young!)

Best wishes,        J

Hello J of GC

Thanks for the welcome, I try to keep a positive and hope to work for many years. Good to hear your doing so well it's encouraging. I'm still very new to how the whole pd nurse thing I have my first appointment to see him in November so hope to be brought up to speed. 

Best wishes & stay well Popple