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I'm carer for my mum, who's 91 and has a tentative diagnosis of Parkinson's after a hospital admission earlier this year for pneumonia. She had a stroke some years ago that left her weak on the left side, but we had been suspecting for a few weeks that something different might be happening that was affecting her right side too.  She's currently on Sinemet and Pregabalin for her anxiety, and is due to see a neurologist in September. Although I had been wondering whether she might have Parkinson's, it's all new to me, and very bewildering!

Good to know that there's a community like this for support!




Hi LAM, this must be tough on your mum, as well as on you and your family. We all talk about PD diagnosed at "normal" ages (65ish) and early-onset.But I'm not so sure much attention is paid to later-onset. It must be bewildering all round, including to the medics. Keep us posted.

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Hello, LookingAfterMum, and welcome to the forum!

You are right about the support from this group.  I have benefited greatly from the knowledge of some forum members and just from the sympathetic responses from all.  As a patient or as a caregiver, you're not alone.

I hope the neurology appointment yields a solid diagnosis for your mum.  Waiting in suspense is always so difficult.  Write again and let us know.

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Thanks both, and sorry to have been so long getting back - I went back to work last week, and things have been a bit hectic!

Mum's first neurology appointment is tomorrow, so if you have any tips or thoughts as to what to ask or expect, they'd be very welcome!

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I expect her Neurologist  will start off with what they call history taking, taking notes on her past, symptoms ect, i gave my neuro a sample of my hand writing and a list of my symptoms even small things you might not think is relevant might be too the neuro, he could already see i had a tremor,

he then done a examination, my walking,movement, reflexes and so on. 

then followed a talk about what he thought and the path he intended too follow next with test too come too a diagnosis.

> any tips
I found it useful to go prepared with a list of symptoms and rough timeline, plus whatever I wanted to ask.
Wouldn't otherwise have remembered some things in heat of the moment.



Thanks all - and sorry to have been ages in posting again: things have been a bit hectic with my return to work.

As an update, the consultant was really nice and fortunately has a sense of humour as mum was at pains to let him know what a personable young man he was!!! cool  ... this was after she'd mentioned her main problem was drooling .... anyway, he's written to the GP with a "pragmatic" diagnosis of Parkinson's, since he said the only way to be sure would be to stop the meds and see what happens. SInce none of us is up for that, I think we do have a diagnosis ...