I feel a bit of a fraud as it's actually my Mum that's been diagnosed with PD not me. We got the diagnosis yesterday. She doesn't use the computer which is why I'm registering not her.

Thanks S@rah







Hi S@rah

You don't need to feel like a fraud as thoughs who care for people with parkingsons need just as much support and advice as those who suffer.

Welcome to the forum by the way you will find it full of useful help and interesting people with a wide range of knowledge about parkingsons 

I was dx in June this year and have found coming here a great help , and remember when someone is dx with this disease the whole family is affected.

Anyway welcome again and do keep posting 

Live well. Cc


Hi Sarah

Welcome to the forum, hope your mum is  as well as can be expected. If you want to ask  any questions about PD there is always someone on the forum who can answer your questions or give you advice. Alternatively you can always contact the helpline on the above 0800 number for more in depth advice.

Regards Sheffy x


Hi Cheshire Cat

Still prowling around I see! TeeHee!

Hi Sheffy

Yep still here bin keeping an eye on you all to make sure your all behaving   He he he

Im working full time again so don't seem to have much time for anything else,

Will have to sharpen my talons on poets corner again soon and catch up with BA and the rest of them tee hee

so anyway have fun n live well Cc 


Hi Cheshire Cat

Glad your back to work and feeling well. I just retired yesterday so I'll have all the time in the world to do some catching up. Looking forward to my life of freedom!



Hi Seffy

Glad to hear your retired and looking forward to a life of leisure.

Myself I don't think I'll ever do it as I love what I do , I'm putting up a concrete batching plant at the moment and working fifteen meters of the ground  weeee heaven he he he

You know what us moggies are like he he,

Shame I can't post photos on  here as the views are fantastic , which I is pretty good for someone at Easter could hardly standup 

And getting on a motorbike again after thinking I'd never ride again was pure blisssssssss ha ha ha wheeeeeeee wizzzzzz ZOOOmmmmmmm love it :-)))))))  

Anyway that's enough of that so I'll just fade into the night leaving just a smile and a thought...................

Live well and enjoy life because that's what it's all about.......weeeeeee         Cc