Hi Everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with PD (3 weeks after my 50th birthday- lovely belated present!) and I am slowly coming to terms with what this means to me. This site has been so useful in answering some of my many questions and fears! I am taking one day at a time and trying to remain positive.  I have had 3 very stressful years with my personal life and have reached the point that things can't get any worse now! I am lucky as I have a lovely PD nurse who makes me feel good about myself, answers all my questions and nothing is too much trouble for her. I am also lucky that my symptoms are mild at the moment so I am able to keep working and driving (informed DVLA and have a 3 year licence now). This is my first time posting on a forum.

Hope you are all keeping well.



hi i was diagnosed at 56 ,last sept, taken till now to get sorted on meds but like you working full time and driving . told exercise is key to keeping PD at bay so doing pilates ,gym and exercise class for PD led by fitness instructor ,organised by local support group. 

would recommend going along to support group ... although dont manage often due to work ,v helpful talking to others and getting plenty of advice . meet a group of them at exercise class and now regarded as freinds

Hi Angel, welcome to the forum. I only joined a few weeks ago but have found it really helpful and supportive.

I'm 52 and just waiting to be diagnosed but have had (what I now realise were) PD symptoms for a couple of years.

Hi Angel welcome . I was diagnosed young onset at 45 last sep . Have had symptoms for a few years . I am a busy working mum to two children . I have a dog so do a lot of walking . I go to hydrotherapy every week . Trying to stay positive - it's the only way although not easy at times . Best wishes 

Hi Angel - I too had never used a forum before, but really do find the P one very useful and helpful.  I am 58 and also recently diagnosed - my visible symptoms are quite mild (hand shaking intermittent, OK), but I have internal tremors which nobody can see of course and which can be so wearing at times, as can be the muscle and joint pain.  However, I do agree with other comments about exercise - I have a dog which helps because she has to be walked come what may!  I have also joined the Tai Chi class at my PD unit - this is something I would not have considered in a million years, but I do enjoy it very much even if I do constantly get all the moves wrong!  I am still waiting for the DVLA to make their decision about me, but believe I too will get a three-year licence. 

All the best

Doglover ( don't like these silly names, but understand the reasoning behind them)