Hi im never any good at introductions so i wrote a poem instead,hope you dont mind.

Thief like it came and wretched it left me

Through a fog i see,through a murmur i hear.

I reach and fall short,stride out but stumble

Hand outstretched the cashier waits

The world turns and i fumble

Killed by a button and beaten by a lace

A carrier bag puts me in my place

In slow time i move and talk in a mumble

This is parkinsons forgive my grumble.


Hello and welcome, 

Your poem has Parkinson's to a teecool


Hello Gastropod

I agree with Bethankit - it sums up Parky's very eloquently - I can identify with every line.  

With creativity like that you'll be a welcome addition to the forum's social club - if you haven't tried it yet do give it a visit.   It makes  a welcome change to all the doom & gloom to share some brighter moments with other Parky's "victims".

Best of luck.



hi gaz .that poem was very moving & welcome


Thankyou all for your kind words i wont give up the day job just yet.


Exactly! Just so right. I hope you will forgive me putting forward my poor effort. It's the first thing I've written in 40 years.


The shaking hand, the loss of balance,
is not the disease, merely a tell tale.
the unsteady walk, the frozen stance,
merely the passage of its advance.
the loss of words or inane chatter,
hide the cause or what’s the matter.
while inside I’m just the same,
you wonder why I’ve lost your name.
I try so hard to speak without a stutter,
but what you hear is just a mutter.
To be my friend will take your time,
Just hold my arm when balance fails.
And if I fall just lend a hand
and let me keep some pride in who I still am.
Inside I’m still the same not matter what may appear.
I peer through my window that’s sometimes shut
and see my friends their worried stare.
I see the fear that I’m not there.



Very nicely put, Soldierboy - again it sums up Parky's but highlights more the unseen but very real neurological problems we all suffer.


Soldierboy - if you haven't already done so, try the creative corner and social club in the forum - there are lots of budding poets & joke tellers and a great sense of camaraderie and welcome lightheartedness (to me anyway) with people in the same boat as yourself.

Take care


10 out of 10




thanks for pointer. Didn't realise there was a creative corner. I've found it and shall be over there for a while.