Hello my name is Neil i am 42 years and was diagnosed with PD November 13th 2014, i am taking 12mg of ropinirole. i have a wife and two kids aged 7 and 10 (haven`t told them).

Not really sure what to make of the diagnosis but my wife and my parents have taken it harder than i have.

I am in full time employment as a vehicle technician when i noticed using some of my tools was becoming difficult with my right hand becoming slow in movement and my right leg trembling. not being able to work is the one thing that scares me.


(never wrote enything on a forum before so apologies if i have waffled)


Hello and welcome, 

I hope you find the forum useful. I was diagnosed April 2012, age 51, I work full time in Health care. Even though I was a registered nurse it was difficult to get my head round the diagnosis.  

On here there are lots of hints and tips. You will find the right time to tell your kids, and it is often more difficult for our nearest and dearest to accept. 

Hope to see you around the forum

Take care 




I was diagnosed last october @ 44, i used too work in catering but reached the end of  that road, diagnosis took a year, but i think i may have been ill for as long ago as 15 yrs, i kept my family and those closest informed all along the way, although i don't think they still really have grasp of it for one reason or another older generations i suppose.

Hi Neil welcome to the forum . I was diagnosed in sep . I am 45 and have a son of 19 and a daughter 13. I have told my son but my daughter just knows I have s problem with movement at the moment . I work for myself full time . I'm trying to carry on as normal and keep positive . I've known deep down something was wrong for a few years . It took a long time to get a diagnosis . Even so it was a shock . It has been the other way round for me . I think my husband and parents have coped better than me .

Some days are better than others . I am on ropinerole 8 mg .i try and go to hydrotherapy once a week which does help . I have a Labrador so do a lot of walking . I love the countryside so try and get out with him as much as I can and always feel better for it . Best wishes . You will find many friends on here .

Thanks for all your advice my daughter knows im  43 ive had it 8 yrs but thanks 

Hello still got lots of questions so will be looking and asking on the forum.

Thanks Neil.

hi neil you can live a normal life for yrs some people go on with there symptoms under control for ages it's just a case of finding right meds for yourself do not hesitate to keep going back to your pd nurse if you feel meds are not working so well as you thought .gus all the best

Hi gus.    thanks for the advise, i was due to see the pd nurse in January but she cancelled and wanted to come on a date i could not make,she then said she was going to send me some info but i never received it. i have an follow up appointment with the hospital on Wednesday so i will see what they have to say.

The meds i am on are ropinirole 12mg and only seem to help with the resting tremor not if i get nerves or stressed (don`t know if they should with everything or not) thats another question for the hospital which i have several of.

Thanks Neil.