Hi All,
Not yet had diagnosis confirmed but fully expect to in the near future, scan results next week so I imagine the confirmation will come then.
I'm a forty eight year old male, had strange symptoms for over ten years but never found a doctor willing to investigate until recently, now all is becoming clear! My Father, 86, has had pd for thirteen years, both my older brothers don't show signs, so I guess I really am a chip off the old block:grin:
Will be reading through these pages from now on, and have already found good info, thank goodness for such a great forum.



Sorry to hear your news. Hope all goes ok but please feel free to ask ANYTHING on this forum


Hi Bandit,

Welcome to the forum where you will find people very friendly and helpful.
Please ask any questions you have rather than worry about them.
My husband has had pd for thirty years and was 39 years old when diagnosed so you see we have lived with it for a very long time.
I look forward to seeing you on here again and hope your tests give you some answers.
best wishes

hi bandit welcome to puk forum,i do hope its not pd you have,but if results show it is your deffo in the correct place,this forum,is the best ,with so much surport from members and the moderaters,and website .if you need further advice call helpline,number top of the forum page. ive had pd for 12 years and im 43,to me it was a huge shock and new nothing of pd,but ive learnt so much,and still learning now,as there is so much resurch goin on.you say your dad has pd so this is a advange for you,nowing wot it involves,i dont mean that to sound negative hope you see wot im trying to say.anyway bandit ,see you around forum,and we all here to help ya :smile:

Thank you all for the welcome and advice, I fully intend to live what time I have to the full and to hell with this! No doubt I will (like all of us) have bad days but will recall my old bloke and fight on!!
If anything this will serve as a reminder to pack in as many experiences as I can, good luck to all of you, chat soon...

That's the spirit, Bandit!