Hello - I'm new to the forum. Aged 45 now I first reported symptoms about 5 years ago and was diagnosed about 4 years ago. Physical symptoms are well controlled by Ropinirole and Sinemet plus.

I have a supportive wife and two young children aged 5 and 8. I am employed by a large, well known company who have proved themselves to be supportive employer. I have sampled most of their health and disability policies in the last couple of years. I suspect I am not alone in being affected more by depression than physical PD symptoms especially in the last 2 years.

Until quite recently I didnt tell anyone about my PD. Now I tell everybody and I feel better for being open.

I'm keen to support research and am enthusiastically volunteering for studies.

thats it - so far :-)

hello & welcome elegant fowl. Do you dance by the light of the moon? The piggy will give you the ring from his nose, because he knows it has purpose. Enjoy your children, have fun with them. At such young ages pd is meaningless to them. But their daddy is not. I am pleased that your meds are doing the trick
With my best wishes to your family

If there is an upside to PD it is that you are forced to reassess your life.my husband and my 16yr old daughter are everything to me.
Massive cliche though it is, i live for now since it's all i have. i used to be a worrier and anally houseproud. now i have realised that dusting just moves the stuff around and that anyway who cares?


Thanks mrs.t and AB.

Congrats on spotting where 'elegant fowl' comes from. (I'm afraid my singing isn't charmingly sweet and the pig wanted a whole shilling for the ring)

PD did cause me to reassess my priorities and I was lucky enough to be able to go part time at work.

Welcome to the forum elegant fowl, I sense that we may have a new contubutor to the Creative pages. I'm sure you will find lots of help and support here, there is usually someone around no matter what time of day or night it may be, so please join in whenever you can.

hiya ,first of all i like to say lovin ur forum name:laughing:welcome to the forum ,im ali ,i have been dx now for 11 years in november,im 42 years old:smile:there is great surport and good friends to make on here,and everyone is welcome:smile:ialso found once i had opened up and told about my pd,it made my life much easier in away ,not for symerthey ,for the pure fact that there was people to talk with ,not stared at as much ,cus they new,and people then seem to be much more positive around u ,and it helps in the long run .anyway love to see u about ,we tend to hang out in the cafe,pop ur head around and i do u a mean bacon buttie x:wink:

Hello Elegant Fowl. I was wondering whether you can eat from a runcible spoon?
I'm not sure that I could!

Your comment about telling people struck a chord with me. My family, friends & workmates have been worried for months. Among other emotions, they were relieved when i was finally diagnosed and I told them of my PD. Now I don't feel so embarrassed about my symptoms...and that's a big burden to have let go of.

Best wishes to you and your family,