It's not easy, but I'll start from the beginning, since being diagnosed I am trying my best to accept what I have been told, I know it sounds as if I am being unrealistic, but, there's always a but, I can't get around the diagnosis. Why me? Well why not!  I was a work aholic, first in, last ot , working 14 hour days and living off adrenalin..I was respected and I encouraged my colleagues to be the same.

I had an accident, with a high speed hand tool, the vibration and power was too much for my wrist, and I developed tendosynovitis, I had physiotherapy, and I lost my ability to grip and use my right hand for work..my employer's let me go, I was shocked, but I thought I'll get over it. Weeks passed and then months, my wrist was painful and I developed a tremor, just slight. It was visible then it would come and go. It gradually got worse, it got to the stage that my right arm would shake and it was out of control.

Eventually after months of being in pain and having this tremor I noticed other things that were going on, after countless visits to the G.P, he prescribed Co-benyldopa. I took the prescription to Asda and asked if I could pick it up after my shopping...

When I had done my shopping I popped back to the pharmacy and asked if I could speak to the pharmacist, he came round and I asked him what  the tablets were for? " They are for your symptoms of Parkinson's...

I went home and I was in a daze, I phoned the pharmacy up and the pharmacist picked the phone up, I told him who I was and he said that he knew I would phone back.."When should I start the tablets?" I asked.." Well, it's nearly 2 pm now if you take the first at 2pm and then at 10 pm, then at 6 am then that would be fine.."

I took the first at 2pm and not long after, my tremor just went....

I phoned my GP surgery and asked the receptionist to pass a message to my G.P, to thank him for the prescription and to tell him my tremor has gone.

On the 9th of June I have an appointment with a neurologist, I was supposed to have an MRI scan two weeks ago, but I was a failure, I had a bad time in the scanner and had to get out.

I know and understand that what I write had been read millions of times before, it's all knew to me and I am anxious...so if I sound boring or offpiste, then I do apologise.

I know I won't be able to work as a Chef again, my right wrist is still painful but at least I know I have my  tremor under control.

Oh by the way a great big thanks to the Parkinsons nurse who phoned me on Friday evening, your support and chat was very valuable and informative.

cant understand why you havent had any replies - do you go to local support group ?

sorry to hear your bad news ,im not to good on the pc takes me ages to write a sentence but i can give you short answers to any questions i used to be plumber / gas fitter i had very & still have very aggressive pd for nearly 9yrs on 40 plus tablets for parkinsons and lot of them for pain,the best advice i can give you is stay positive & active.

you will find it is like a grieving process to come to terms. And that can take years.

You probably will get quickly tired and when you are stressed the symptoms will get worse. The way you been treated by your GP is not right. He should have told you he expects it to be PD, rather then fob you off with pills and sending you away. Parkinsons nurses are the very best and most helpful at all times.

there are support groups out there organized by Parkinsons UK and depending on your age, search the internet and facebook for Young Onset Parkinsons.

husband got diagnosed 3 years ago and never ever had a scan, so don't worry. There is no official test, just power of deductions and mentioning ALL symptoms. Make list, and take it to neuro appointment.

Take care