Help! Advice Needed - Private Movement Disorder Specialist London/Kent

My movement disorder specialist has retired. He was brilliant and I don’t know what I will do without him. I last saw him in January 2022 when we discussed my options. He took careful note of my wishes and wrote to the Trust. Nothing has happened to date. What was world class treatment on the NHS at my Healthcare Trust has degenerated to a poor excuse for a service. I do not wish to continue with them. I suppose my only option is to see a consultant privately. Since the pandemic began I have learned a lot about PD and know what I want treatment wise. How do you find out the ‘core beliefs’ of a Consultant? I want someone who thinks along the lines of Michael Okun, Bas Bloem, Dr Ahlskog but obviously accessible to a mere mortal on a limited budget. London or Kent area. I have read that Queen’s Square is one of the best centres. I wondered if anyone has had recent experience and an idea of the cost! Thank you.

This was a heartfelt request as I am at my wit’s end.