Help advice please

My husband has been put on mirapexin by his pd nurse  but when I went for his perscription they have put him on sinimet plus as well he was on sinimet but the lowest dose 62 .5 4 x daily but had dyskinesia I don't understand why it's been upped , when I spoke to her she never mentioned she wanted the sinimet upping as well  if he gets dyskinesia on the lowest dose he's gonna get it on 25/100 sinimet but we have none of the lowest dose left we don't know what to do , if he takes higher dose will it make him worse can you split the sinimet plus I've rung hull back up and left a message so it's going to be mon or Tuesday before they ring me back x.  

ring the puk help line

yes you can split 125mg if there in the oval shape,but as turnip said phone pduk helpline !spliting tablesis never accurate tho

Hi jo h

turnip and gus are right, that you can call the helpline in a situation like this. You can find the opening hours at But do note, they are not an emergency service and it could take the nurse a day or so to get back to you. 

If you need more urgent advice, you can now call 111 in England. Your GP may also have and out of hours service that can help. 

I hope that you got the information you need.