Help and advice needed for Nursing Homes in York area and DNR decision

Hello there. Am new to the forum but not PD. Really long story but in a nutshell....Dad has had PD for 25 yrs (now 73yrs old). Currently in hospital Rehab and has been decided he needs to move onto Nursing Home. Some confusion over Mental Capacity due to off days outweighing on days but he has expressed an interest in this move. My brother and I are in support of whatever decision he makes. Attended meeting today with Soc Serv, Dad unable to attend due to having a really bad day - v delusional and no real ability to communicate verbally. Does anyone have any experience of NH's in the York area or within about 10 miles?

I have a quick initial look on the CQC website but feel recommendations and experience stories are just as important.

Another point - we were advised that a consultant who has been seeing Dad once a week has put a DNR note on his file with no consultation with Dad or family members - can he do this? I am livid and v upset about this. He has been DNR for about 8 wks and it is only now we have been told.
I can't tell you anything about homes in Yorkshire but your local branch should be able to tell you of ones they feel are the best for understanding PD and dementia.
Re the DNR form; my husband has said that this is his request and the form had to be filled out with his input and signed by him and the Parkinson's nurse. He also wishes his brain to be donated to the tissue bank for research.
My husband has put that he doesn't wish to be peg fed or fed through the nose and that he only agrees to pain relief to keep him comfortable, so I am surprised that they can do this without your father's consent unless of course he did take part, then the question is was he aware of all of his options. He may have not wanted you to worry or think that you would try to change his mind, you know him best, sorry I can't be of more help.
best wishes
The hospital put a DNR in my mum's notes without telling me.

I read then whilst visiting her and she could have done so also.

It took 2 days to get this sorted out and in the meantime she cold have read this at any time.

She was not a PWP but it made me think how they could do this without any consultation. I was therefore far more vigilant when my OH was in hospital last year even though he was 20 years younger than my mum and I read his notes daily.