Help and Advice needed please guys

Hi to all
If any of you are ex lawyers currently lawyers etc..... Or just some friendly advice ..

As per usual went to bed about 11pm slept for my customery 2 1/2 hours, insomnia then kicks in, decided to go for a drive.
Driving along about a mile from home, a big cat or fox shoots out across my path I steer away from it but hit a parked car. I get out of my car, scared, shocked I've knocked the rear wheel off the stationary car and the front wheel off my car. Two guys come running out of this house and impulsively I ran away, the next 4 hours are a blur, I can remember lying down in the wet grass, but eventually getting home at about 6:30 my wife was totally unaware I'd even been out ! I've had a shower and went down to the police station to report that I was the driver of the vehicle, they breath tested me, which was zero. I hadn't had any alcohol the evening before.
The police turned upa couple of days later, gave me a producer to show my insurance cert and drivers license at the local police station. I also signed a form to confirm I was driving the vehicle which had a list of possible charges, reckless driving, failure to report an accident, and failure to stop after an accident.
I have been suffering with Dopamine Disregulation Syndrome, Impulse Control Disorder and I have a Deep Brain Stimulator which was put in 5 years ago when I was 37.
I'm crapping myself, I've got to go to the police station in a couple of days for a tape recorded interview. I've never been in trouble with the police and don't know what will happen. My neuro is going to send me a letter stating my DDS and ICD, and something about my personalility type !!
Any advice would great thanks
Hello Titania,

I have just read your post and feel so sorry for you, I am so sorry I don't know anyone that could help but perhaps you could try the helpline or your insurance may have a legal rep who could help. I hope something can be done, I am glad that your consultant is supporting you as much as he probably can.
be thinking of you and your wife.
Thanks for your support vivan , I don't need this sort of crap, talk about stressful ???!?!
Have you talked to your car insurer? They especially must be very interested in the full story, because they will have to foot the bill.So advice from them could be very useful, before you sit down and talk to the police.
Do you have contents and /or buildings insurance on your house? there is often an extra feature on this kind of insurance of free legal advice (by phone only).
You will have a stressful time, but try and ride it out. Think of worse case scenario based on a realistic assessment of the incident. After all no-one was hurt, it was an accident and animals are frequently involved in these situations, more likely at night and proof can be difficult ,if you do not actually hit the animal. I am sure that over the next few days you will gradually become less upset and get a more realistic perspective of the case.
Good Morning Titania
I am sorry to read of your troubles, there was a case recently I was reading
in our local Newspaper, which was very very much worse, the poor man who was the
story had his personality completely reversed , A polite Kind Helpful chap had been turned into , His families words, "A MONSTER" now I am not for one second
suggesting the same thing occurred with you, but when this young man had his PD
drugs changed he reverted to type, in other words his correct persona was restored
Ask your PD specialists to supply as much evidence as possible ,especially with
regard to changes ,ie Heightened Fear Anger and other personality changes ,the
Police and Legal community must be made aware of the effects of BLACKHEART,
My description! then and only then can individuals like yourself be treat
fairly , you have my sympathy and support.
Are you a union member Titania, they can also help in situations like this.

I am sure your problems have been resolved by now. 

I do hope so but if you still need help you can take advice from a legal expert if you submit a question before Nov 4.

To all other sufferers of drug -induced problems...get your questions in.

I cannot believe after all the discussion on the forum of ruined lives and DAs only 2 people have submitted questions!


Don't worry GG, I'm back. Just give me a little time to catch up.

A brief precis of recent activity would be useful.

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