Help and advice please! Looking for innovative ideas to support my mum and dad!

This may be a long post so apologies in advance.  My mum has had Parkinsons since 2003.  She is now 76 and my dad is 78.

They had coped very well with Parkinsons for many years but now my mum has many complications.  She is frail but still able to walk a little bit with a stick or a frame although she often tries to do without it.  

I have noticed that her thought patterns are slowing but she is still very determined to carry on as much as she can.  The problem is that she faints several times a day and this causes many arguments between my mum and dad as my dad is running around after her and getting very stressed when she will not sit still.

We have come to the time when my dad is stressed as the main carer and my parents almost need a break from one another maybe for two afternoons a week for 3 hours as they are in a stressful situation 24 hours a day.

My mum is a fairly 'young' 76 in terms of attitude so I want to think of some ways that they can have this break from each other/ get support.  I don't think my mum needs a standard carer to come because it is not 'medical' help that she needs as such.  Perhaps my dad could drop her off at some group where they play bingo or cards or someone could come and do some kind of physio with my mum or take her swimming.  I am trying to think of some things that she might enjoy and my dad can then go off for a break rather than a home help who does the cooking or medical stuff because they can just about manage with that.

My mum has always had an interest in gardening although Parkinsons gets in the way with this now.

Does anyone have any advice/ insights/ ideas on the following:-

- How I might find a person who could take my mum out and help in this way?

- How I might find groups of interest that my mum could attend?  I am afraid that some groups might be too depressing for my mum if the people are just sitting in chairs and not interacting in any way because my mum is not at that stage yet.

- I live in London and have two babies and my mum lives in Northampton.  If I was looking online for something in London, I would know how to find these things on all the mums forums fairly easily but Northampton is a little bit more of a challenge.  Where might I start in my search?  Appreciate any help/ ideas.  Thank you!

Do  you have a social worker? Has you Dad has a carers assessment??? This is the only way that you can get the help that you need.

This link is PUK's to support groups in your area. Just punch your Mums post code and it will bring up the nearest group.

The University of the Third Age is worth looking into

Good luck

Agree with Pokermid about looking into U3A for 'things to do', for your Mum. They have loads going on and I joined my local group, a few months ago. It only cost me £27 for the year and that entitles me to attend as many groups or classes, as I like. There should be plenty going on in Northampton. It's for all people over 60, so she won't be surrounded by people with Parkinson's. Hope this helps.