Help and advice

Hi everyone,

I am taking over trying to get support and care to help my parents as my mum is finding it hard to organize.

My dad is in his 70s and has Parkinson's and early stages of dementia though he still has good days and is very thoughtful and reflective about the diesease and knows what it does. His dementia does come regularly though and he sees things that are not there. My mum needs a reputable carer/company to come in to help for a few hours a week if anyone can recommend good companies in north London as apparently he is not eligible yet for carers organised through doctor or council. My mum is in her 70s and looks after my dad 24 seven but obviously it is hard on her as dad's illness eas he can be frustrated and I think it is making my mum very down. She has health issues though is generally in good health. 

Also my dad is obviously frustrated as he was a very independent and active man. He is very proactive about his care but sadly he cannot go out completely unassisted as he has had a few falls recently. Are there any clubs, organisations that he could join so he can still do things independently of my mum to give him freedom but be safe at the same time with people around him who know how to care for someone with Parkinson's. 

Yours gratefully


Hi elvismolly.
I would recommend that your parents go to the local Parkinson's support Group.  There are at least 26 across London, listed on this website.  As well as regular monthly meetings, both of a social nature and as a local support, they give the opportunity for you to find out more about informal supports (good carers; who can play chess or bridge; etc).  The group will be very welcoming, and your parents would become involved in trips out/ xmas meals/ theatre trips/ etc.   Some groups may have contacts or arrangements with local gyms for exercise and this is important for stretching exercises and feelings of well-being.
Good Luck.