Help for my mum with Parkinsons

I live abroad with my wife and 2 small kids. My mum has Parkinsons, lives alone. She has adjusted her house around her needs which are getting quite advanced now (chairlift, walker, trolleys to get around house, rail down garden path). She is very very independent. Afraid of being put in a home. Has lots of good friends who take her to things she is involved in pretty much daily (various clubs and activities which they drive her to) and when they come to pick her up they also do odd jobs in the house if she needs them to. She orders her food online, microwave meals. She doesn’t want to go into a home and she doesn’t want to move abroad to live with us as all her friends are in her local town. My question is, what more is available, should she be taking advantage of to help her to stay at home? And has anyone else experience of living abroad with kids and then a parent back home getting Parkinsons? What did you do? Move back home? Move them abroad to live with you? Or make arrangements to help them cope on their own? I am really torn but my life and my family’s life is abroad now, kids settled in schools, all our friends are here, etc.

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You’ll probably hear from other members on the forum at some point, but I just wanted to chime in quickly as I think you’d find the information on our website useful. Your mum may benefit from at home care if she still wants to maintain a level of independence. An occupational therapist can advise you on this, e.g. safety in and around your home. This can help her to manage day-to-day activities and you can find more information on this here -

If you need further support on this, you can always speak to our free helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email us on [email protected].

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