Help for partially sighted

My wife is partially sighted -as well as PD -and enjoyed listening to books on MP3 discs which she borowed from Calibre Audio Library.
Membership of this charity is very reasonable - they supply two books at a time and as you return one, another is sent to replace it.
The library is extensive.
See their website. Have just bought a 'Boombox Plus' from them - this plays the books on USB sticks and also has a radio! - all in 4"x2"2" - so easy to operate and much handier than the discs

Hope this is of interest.
Hi jackmin,
Thanks for sharing this. I've found the link to Calibre Audio Library:

Hi there ezinda,
Glad you have found Calibre website.
Tried out the little Boombox player today and it really is good.
if you have a radio which will play MP3 discs you will be pleased with the choice of books available
best wishes for some nice reading