Help! Holiday insurance

My mum and Dad are looking for holiday insurance - Dad has Parkinson’s and has had a quote for £205 - can anyone tell me if this is reasonable and if not who to try?
Thanks in advance o

That does sound quite expensive. I got holiday insurance for me and my husband for £83.62 for a year. I have PD but was only diagnosed last summer and the symptoms are relatively mild. Our cover excludes USA which would have been much more expensive. We got our quote via which lets you declare a pre-existing condition and then asks questions about the symptoms.

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I just thought you’d be interested to know that we have a ‘Holiday and Travel’ section on the Parkinson’s UK website which you may find useful. If you’re finding it difficult to get the right insurance, we have advice on the best way to overcome this. You can find all the information you need, here.

I hope this helps with your query! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi…my Husband is PWP. He also has asthma. I also have pancreas problems which had to be declared. We got 12months insurance INCLUDING USA and worldwide,as we are travelling to the British Virgin Isles and the cost was £90 each…£180…

Thank you for all the suggestions. Who was this with please

Thanks for all your help. Dad managed to get price down to £89. Much appreciated.

Hi…thats a very good price do you know which insurance company he used?
Every penny helps​:smiley::smiley:as the saying goes…