Help i need holiday insurance

Hi all, i wonder if anyone out there can help. I have been insured by the same company for the last two years until the cover expired in may. i have just phoned to renew my holiday insurnce and have been told that they will no longer insure me. The second company I tried have also refused. I need cover for pd, hypothyroidism, blood pressure and slightly raised cholesterol, angina, and depression (the latter i now know was part of the d). Fingers crossed, we are travelling round Europe in a caravan for 6 weeks.


There are several travel insurance companies who specialise in pre-existing medical conditions - I've used one called Staysure in the past and is you google
this subject you will find price comparison sites also deal with this topic

Hi Pegasus,

Most high street insurers will insure people with Parkinson's but sometimes multiple conditions or advanced age can make getting insurance a bit more complicated.

Along with the comparison sites that Eileenpatricia suggested, you could also try the Find a Broker Helpline at the British Insurance Brokers' Association

They can suggest a broker that is right for your situation.

I hope it helps,