Help is dizziness cause for concern

I would really appreciate some advice. My husband diagnosed 4 years ago at the age of 49 with PD has recently contracted a cold. He has been really subdued and complaining of dizziness. He has described it as feeling drunk - room spinning losing balance etc. I have suggested a check up with GP but he is adamant just inner ear symptom of head cold. Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar. Is this anything to worry about? Would anyone know if we need to get this checked out?

Blockage in the small tubes in the ear can cause this or a air bubble that can be cleared by certain head movements easy and simple to do. Have a look at youtube for the exercise. Sometimes BP can cause problems but with a cold tubes in the ear a good bet.
As an aside my wife had a similar problem that wad caused by candida , diet fixed that.

Sounds like inner ear issue. Needs a GP check to rule out other more sinister causes of dizziness but vestibular disturbance can be eased with a short course of medication. Alternatively can be due to the autonomic nervous system becoming affected by PD and blood pressure control becoming compromised. Postural hypotension (low BP) causes dizziness.

Thanks for that blood pressure check sound in order too