Help me

Hi, I’m new here,

Can anyone help me?

I owe the debt and I can afford to continue to pay. What should I do? Unless they have an agreement to pay them even a little.

Hi, I’m not sure I totally understand your question but I fear that debt and Parkinson’s are horribly related and also feel that it’s an issue that needs more attention. I think that the best thing to do if you are experiencing debt problems would be to contact a trustworthy debt advice service. You can find free and reliable services on the moneyadviceservice website:

I think StepChange are good but do check them out on the above link first and contacting the PUK helpline by phone may also be a good idea. It’s
really hard but talking to somebody who can offer genuine advice is the first step in getting things sorted.
Take care

I think it’s better to let them know about your situation or ask for help by the Optima Legal Action. And I think all of the debt agency has an agreement to settle the customer debt.