HELP. my DBC charger doesn't work.

I am a Parkinsons patient from Malaysia travelling in the UK. I arrived on July 28 and am currently staying in Streatham Commons. I had DBS in Dec 2016.
I brought my DBS charging kit and my charger along. Unfortunately, when I tried to charge my DBS battery this morning, The charger battery doesn’t work!
My battery currently is at 50% and it will not last the next 13 days before I go home. Can anyone help me out here?. edited content to remove personal details many thanks.

Hi @Liewse,

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I’m really sorry to to hear that the battery charger for your DBS doesn’t work. We don’t encourage our members to share their contact details on the forum as it is visible to the public which is why I had to delete it from your post - I hope you understand my decision.

In regards to your query, please give our helpline a call as soon as possible on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our trusted advisers for more help and support on this. We’re open until 7pm tonight and our opening hours are from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm.

Other than this, if you’d like to speak to someone urgently, please call NHS 111.
Hope this helps!

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Is it Medtronic all you do is by the the wire on the charger there’s a screw undo this flat screwdriver and there’s a little hole put a needle in it and it will reset .all the best

I know this is old ,but just thought if any body else has problem they might find this

hi Reah, Gus,
tq so much for your kind help. I contacted Medtronic and they were very efficient to ship us a replacement the next day. Thank god all is well now. so pleased and reassuring that you connected with me. thanks again for your kind thoughts and advice.

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Hi @Liewse,

You’re welcome, I’m really glad that this got sorted in the end. Do feel free to use the forum to engage and connect with more people.

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