Help needed for my wife

I joined the Forum in July last year under the name ARROWMAN, but I had trouble log on for two months, on but all is resolved now. We live in Nerja on the Costa del Sol. My main interests at that time were OCD and anger management. 2018 has proved to be a bit of a catastrophy, mainly for my wife who is extremely partially sighted,and in May shattered her hip whilst getting off the local town bus and is still having pain and walks with difficulty. Then in May tumours were found in her left breast and a she had a mastectomy. Add to this having to live with a Parkinsons husband with all his bad moods and lack of consideration, it is amazing she is still of sound mind. What she needs is company and conversation, unfortunately over the past year most pf our old ex pat friends have either returned to UK or gone to meet their maker. We have many Spanish friends who we converse with in decent Castilan, who have been so helpful during the 48 years we have lived here, but we miss the conviviality of fellow Brits. I wonder is there any fellow Parkinson folk in our province of Andalucia who would like to form a group or even just have telephone conversations.
Finally would PADDI like to get in touch because I read her comments to my wife and she said they were so close to her experiences.
Thank you all for your patience

Hi Willynilly.
Sorry I can’t really help as I live too far away. Up near Torrevieja.
We have lived here for 16 years and the health are has always been excellent.
How do you feel you have been treated as a parkinsons sufferer?
I am 58 and worried about the future

Hola Hubby,
Firstly are you the husband or the wife - if the wife with a husband with PD then then maybe you could talk with my wife Valerie and compare notes. Val is 86 and I am 91 and except for the problems I noted in my piece we for our ages are relatively healthy.
I started PD 5 years ago,but had signs for a few years before and my present PD probs are balance and walking more slowly, but then again this could be caused by my age. The treatment here is a yearly check up with a neurologist mainly to increase dose of Sinimet, but no help with the emotional side which for us is essential. We could do with councelling of some sort.
If you are interested please call us [private details removed by moderator] - most days the best time is around 11.30 am to 1.30 am.

Hi Willynilly.
I am the male and I am the one with the PD.
I may well take you up on the offer.

Willynilly I see that the moderators have removed your phone number.
Could you please let me have it in a private message.

Hi Willynilly and Hubby.
I hope you can both get together for those chats we all need from time to time.
Best wishes,

Hola Mal,

Thanks for yourkind thoughts - much appreciated