Help Needed


Hi guys - I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area so please move if needed!

My Mum (age 69) has Parkinson's and her quality of life has significantly reduced in the last year or so. She's technically the carer for my 90yr old Dad and feels quite upset that she's unable to carry this out properly. Due to this, she's quite stubborn about asking for help (or accepting it) but she's got to a stage where life is a bit too difficult not to. So I said I would step in and try and see if I could help at all. The main issues I'd love advice about are:


Parkinson's treatment 

She's currently taking Half Sinemet, and although she has absolutely no shaking, she struggles with mental slowness. For example, holding a conversation or remembering a shopping list. Questions I have are: 1. She's been on Half Sinemet for ages apparently, is there anything better she could be on? 2. Any therapies (medicinal or alternative) which could help the slowness. 


After a series of fainting episodes, she's been diagnosed with POTS. Does anyone else have this in association with Parkinsons? Does anything help?

Blood Sugar

She feels terrible after every meal - could this be a blood sugar issue? Does anyone else have this issue, and is there anything that might help?


Many thanks in advance!!



hi when does your mum take 62.5mg sinemet and how many times a day and what times as one would not be enough. i suggest you or her talk pd nurse 


Hi Gus,

I'm not sure entirely which dose - that's interesting though, I didn't realise she'd have a PD nurse (she thinks just consultant). I'll get in touch, thanks!



Just going to split this up and post in other areas coz it's a bit too much in one post at the mo!