Help needed

I searched for " dopamine agonists and obsessive compulsive disorders"
in the "search forum" box and found "no results"
The forum needs to offer access to new and old visitors to all information in a clear and responsive way.
How are new users meant to find this vital support for specific problems such as this at the moment?
Perhaps I am not using the facility properly in which case easy to follow instructions are needed.

i also had a problem,i was lookin for the thread,FLU INJECTIONS so i pressed search forum,rote in flu injections,and it came backe 1 result was found.under that it had a number 1 in a thick blue line,i pressed the 1 and it justsaid waiting at bottom of my screen and the little blue circle goin round like it does for searching and then ,nothing ,left me with the blue line and number 1 how do i find things thin,its confusing:confused:

We moved a couple of posts asking questions about how to use the forum from other threads to this one.

We thought it was a good idea to address these questions all in one place and we will answer these when we are able. As always, the quickest way to get basic help on using the forum is by writing to us at [email protected].

Hi ali j and Golden Girl,

Our current search facility is a very sensitive one. The means that is will search for exactly what you type in and it will not search for similar words.

That means that if you write "dopamine agonist and obsessive compulsive disorders", it will look for exactly that. If there is no thread and nothing in a post that says exactly that, it won't find anything.

The best way to deal with this is to broaden your search. If you search for "dopamine agonist", there is a huge amount of information that comes up.

Similarly Ali, when I typed in "flu injection" (no caps), I found 7 results.

We are aware that the search facility on this forum is not the best and it is one of the issues we hope to address with the new forum. In the meantime, I hope this helps.


very strage that,i had not rote in fluinjections in caps at all,i actuaaly tryed 4 times incase i was doin something rong.but ive just done exactly wot i did before,and the number 1 comes up in blue writtin ,but there is words now sayin flu injections and daily life,which was not there before,i pressed that and yes ur correct 7 posts appered thankyou ,but was not there before ,honest.:confused:

When creating new threads or topics think about making it easy to find them later, and try to include something unique.

For example, finding anything to do with our "pub", Durty Nellie's is easy - you just search for "Durty". As there are no other posts in the system containing that word spelt in that way, no problem.


Thanks Ezinda
What we need is an index showing all the main headings and threads within them so we can scroll down and click on the selected one.
I have experienced the same problem as Ali describes, finding 1 result but not being able to get it to appear although clicking on the number and waiting.
There could still be the main forum page showing the latest activity and any sections deemed important enough to always appear on the front page.
I would include the DA/OCD advice here.
Good luck with the reformulation of the forum.
It contains so much information and support it is a shame if patients can't find what they are looking for.

Hi Ezinda
Just looking at the rest of the front page and realise that in treatments there is a whole thread called " dopamine agonists and catastrophic obsessive compulsive disorders" so surely that should be found in a search for dopamine agonists and obsessive compulsive disorders?
Surely the mechanism can't be that sensitive??

Hi All,

Pleased to see that others have little luck with the forum search engine. In my experience you have a better chance of finding something in the PD UK forum if you do a google search and chances are that one of the results willl be in the forum!!!


The search facility STILL doesn't work. Earlier in this thread I said that it was easier to find words which were unique, such as the "durty" in the pub's name.

However if I search for DURTY now, it doesn't find anything at all.

Has the old "pub" gone forever, along with all our banter? More seriously, if it has gone forever, has all of our important history about Parkinson's gone too?

That would be disastrous!!!


:rolling_eyes: sigh !

Liz (Moderator) posted this update recently......


Posted - 26 Jan 2012 17:16

Hi everyone

The problems we have had in the social club this week causing the website to time out and display error messages, are due to the massive amount of content in this area. Many threads here have reached capacity limit of 999 posts which is the equivalent of 100 web pages each!

We’re having to archive lots of data from the social club and moving forward will just display the past 6 months of threads. This applies in the social club area only. And, across the forum we’ll limit the maximum number of posts in a topic to 500. The limit won't be applied immediately but please keep this in mind over the next few days and if you are having an exceptionally long word game consider starting a new thread at some point!

While these changes will enable us to reopen the social club, realistically they won't deliver major improvements to the speed. You are all aware that the forum is running at near capacity and creaking at the seams.

We're looking at possible replacements for the forum and should have a clearer timetable for this in the next few weeks to share with you. Many thanks for your patience.


Repeat !!!!

You are all aware that the forum is running at near capacity and creaking at the seams.

Seems to me that we just need to be patient and stop moaning, being grumpy wont get things done any quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

Search engine works ok for me, I Inserted "Pain in the Arz" and it came up with this result :grin:

This post has been removed by moderators because it does not comply with our forum guidelines. You can find the guidelines here:

Just before I address the last post, I’d like to remind everyone that online, using all caps does come across as shouting. I've sent some people some 'behind the scenes' email messages about this.

As we’re trying to move towards an even more respectful community (and the moderation team are included in that), we ask that community members please not do this. We all like to come to an environement that as pleasant as possible.

Now, on to the problem:
Kyloe, you're absolutely right. As Liz pointed out in her recent post, we have had to archive some old threads in Social Club to keep the forum running:

This is not optimal but it was something that we had to do because the performance of the forum was being slowed down by the amount of data. So, if you can't find an old Social Club thread, this may be the reason. It isonlythe Social club that's affected.

If you’re having a problem searching generally, please read this information about searches on that I posted in this thead previously:

Just an additional tip following on Eileenpatricia’s post: You can also search the site using google by typing in: ‘’ in the google search box and then the term you’re looking for.

I hope this helps.


Moderator, is it acceptable, in this new adult environment, to make comments (about other users) like "being grumpy" and a "Pain in the Arz"?

Moderator, is it acceptable, in this new adult environment, to make comments (about other users) like "being grumpy" and a "Pain in the Arz"?

Well you know me by now, I calls a spade a spade and if i'd met you in person this morning face to face in the street with the attitude that you had when posting to the mods, I would've still called you grumpy, because thats how it came across.
Perhaps your not your best just now or maybe you've had a bad night, but thats still no reason to take it out on the Moderators, nor is it really the type of post us sufferers need/want to see when we come onto the forum. You can post some excellant stuff at times but then you throw away the good work time and time again by posting something offensive.

As for being a pain in the arz, I can honestly say it was'nt meant to be personal, it was the first thing that came into my head when typing into the forum search engine, whether your grumpy post inspired the thought or not does'nt really matter, what does is the fact that you thought it was aimed at you and for that I apologise.

Mods please feel free to delete my post if deemed not to be appropriate

Hi guys. As much as i find your banter sometimes amusing i am becoming increasingly concerned at the somewhat confrontational nature of several posts. Many people who visit our site do so to be informed, inspired and comforted by the wider pd community. This site represents one of the few respected and recognisable names in the uk which offers a unique window into our world....please don't spoil it by clouding the view.