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Hi Everyone,
My father has PD. He was diagnosed sometime ago, he is doing ok. But we have had some confusion or should I say he has. We all like to know what our meds are for and what they do, but with dad he seems to want to really understand. Which is fairly difficult as he forgets things. So my answer is.....finding the info and writing it down, laminating it and putting it where he can have access to it when he is particularly in need. I have read on researched how Requipxl work, but I'm not sure I understand well enough to put it simply for dad. He cannot work out how the Requipxl works when he takes it at night(he knows its time/slow release) and in conjunction with that how stalivo works within half hour of taking and for a much shorter time than the requipxl.
He is somewhat paranoid about it, thinking he is being lied to. He wants to control the taking of the meds and will sometimes delay the stalivo, which we have told him he shouldn't. But an easy way to explain not forthcoming..not from my brain anyway.

Can anyone shed any light on this please.
here's my attempt

people with parkinsons don't have enough dopamine in their brain.

dopamine is a chemical that brain's use to control movement,

stavelo is made of levadopa which your brain turns into dopamine.

stavelo disolves in your stomach quickly and is turned into dopamine quickly but doesn't last long.

requip is a chemical your brain can use instead of dopamine.

the tablet has a special coating that dissolves slowly during the night

the chemical lasts for longer and so is good for when you are asleep
Hello jcw 19 and welcome

I can well understand your father's confusion as to how the different pd medications work .

PD is thought to be the result of lack of dopamine producing cells in the brain. Both Requip and Stalevo increase the level of dopamine but they do so in different ways.

Reqip XL (active ingredient Ropinerole) is a dopamine agonist which activates dopamine receptors in the absence of dopamine i.e it acts as a dopamine substitute and therefore helps to reduce the symptoms of PD. RequipXL releases ropinerole slowly and continuosly over several hours to help provide steady levels of medicine thoughout the day.

Stalevo is a medicine that contains levodopa, carbidopa and entocapone. Levodopa is able to cross the blood brain barrier and is converted to dopamine in the Central Nervous System. The Carbidopa cannot cross the blood brain barrier but prevents the conversion of l-dopa to dopamine in the peripheral ciculation thus increasing the quntity of levodopa available to enter the brain. Entacopne further inhibits the breakdown of levodopa before it enters the brain. Hence the apparent fast action of Stalevo ( 1/2 an hour seems to be quite common) but limited time for PD symtpom relief.

Both medications (like all medications) have side effects. Your father's consultant will be aiming to minimise PD symptoms whilst at the same time avoiding unpleasant side-effects. It can take some time and adjustment of medications before the optimun is achieved.

I think that your idea of putting something in writing for your father to consult is an excellent one. May I suggest that you either download or request info about PD medications from PUK ( go to home page , then click on publications.)

I wish your father and yourself all the very best

PS Have just read turnips reply. As usual much more succinct than mine!
Thank you both very much, you have made the information I had a bit more ordered in my brain. I will do as you suggest and look for the publications. I now have something to move forward with. Thankyou again.
Hi jcw19,
Here's a link to the Drug Treatment of Parkinson's page:

A link to the booklet is at the bottom of the page. You can download it there or you can call our helpline at 0808 800 0303 and ask to be sent one.

I hope it helps!