Help or not?

My other half was diagnosed three years ago but we think has actually had pd for much longer. Usually we keep a sense of humour and rub along coping with whatever pd throws at us but eight weeks ago hubby became ill with an infection (nothing to do with pd), this was cured but then he felt sick and dizzy,this has passed but now he has very painful wind. I appreciate he must be fed up of feeling ill but I am fed up of being snarled at every suggestion I make. Is it better to back off or should I keep trying to help? Also is trapped wind because of pd due to the constipation? And if anyone has any remedies I would be extremely grateful.
Possible the Parkinson's , my husband has I lot of wind . It has been eased since I bought him a one way straw or non return if you understand .

He was gulping his drinks , but he also gets constipated and it seems to show up as wind ..

Our Gp prescribed him Movicol . It has been very good safe and gentle .

I notice a lot of people have been prescribed it ..

Long before he was diagnosed when he woke and had his first drink of water his tummy would rumble .even then .

Hope this is of some help
Thanks for your help Johnnie, I was having a bad day. I did think it was Parkinson's related but its so hard when you're not sure and I don't want to assume its the cause of everything. At least there is something to try and its easier when you know others understand.