Help please regarding teeth


Haven't been on here for a while, so please forgive me if I am repeating a question.

I am doing really well on meds at the moment but have started to lose teeth. They seem to be crumbling from the inside. I read somewhere it might be like Meth mouth caused by PD drugs in my case. Am I too late to combat this? No one has ever said this might happen. I grind my teeth when asleep and work my jaw when I am OFF.  My face ached last night after a busy day  

Hi looks like only me and u awake ha , my jaw sometimes aches but i seem to clench my teeth together all the time dont know why but I bite down really hard untill my mouth aches PD does some funny things to us ,



Before i was diagnosed or aware that i was ill i have had a dry mouth on a visit too my dentist she remarked about my mouth being dry and not making sufficient saliva, she also asked had i been screened for something and later i could not remember what it was she said.

Later on a tooth broke, and then another, i had been diagnosed by now, i had one filled and one out and i asked her again about the dry mouth and screening she said for 'sjogrens disease', i have had another tooth break since, i do take amitriptyline too help me sleep, it can give a dry mouth, but i have also read PD can from over making saliva too not making enough. i also bite my tongue sometimes during my sleep.


I have this problem with my teeth which I am told this has come about because of all the Parkinsons drugs I take. 

My gums are receding, showing more of my teeth and my dentist said that he'll not be able to keep up with fixing them.  He told me what toothpaste to use and I will have to brush every time I eat something.

Not something to look forward to but I'm not going to worry about this too much as I have enough to worry about without worrying about what might be.

My mouth seems to be swollen on the inside and I often take a bite by mistake.  It really b----y hurts.

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Hello all

I broke a corner of a molar once eating soup. I did not hit it with the spoon, soup was not particularly hot, the tooth just fell apart. Fairly common with Parky according to my dentist.

Hi there, we have a free information sheet on this topic that you may find useful:

Dental and oral health in Parkinson's information sheet

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the info sgiles, I have also had problems dental wise since being DX with Parkinsons, not with my teeth breaking, I was told I had gum disease which can't be cured only kept under control. I have never ever had any dental problems through my life growing up.


Blast it!

The tooth on my bridge broke.

Had to go to dentist yesterday and was in 'The Chair' for one and a half hours.  Still have the delights of another appointment in two weeks time.   I just can't tell you what it is going to cost.

Good night



"... I grind my teeth when asleep..." you might suffer from bruxism (according to one study one in three people suffer from bruxism). I am suffering too, probably cos I sometimes put myself  in a needlessly stressful situation. My dentist has recommended wearing a mouth guard at night. I have also read that so called smart bruxism management system.GrindCare has been developed (find out more here )

Is there any evidence that Parkinson meds affect teeth?

Despite regular visits to the dentist OH has lost a few teeth and now has a partial plate as their teeth just fell out over time.

meds are difficult and when you have to take several different ones each day, I am not sure anybody can know what that affects?

husband has sleep rem disorder, sleep apnea and the grinds and bashes his teeth during the night. Pillow has been soaked in the morning with saliva and blood.

He has now been given a mouthguard and he feels it has made a difference. He is still trying to bash and grind at night, but at least he is no longer drawing blood, for which I am grateful. Also look up TMJ is a possibilty